sábado, 25 de octubre de 2014

Olive - Tag! Gacha - Mudskin - Kustom9 - Iruco - Chickladee - Tsg - The Forge - Slink - Action - Cosmetic Fair - Hiatus - Sitting Pretty.

Hair Olive the Wicked Lipstick Tag! Gacha Info Gacha!
Eyes Mudskin Dolly Misc1 w2 Kustom9 Exclusive!
Liner Chickadee Chick Flick
Glasses [Iruco] blow (br) Gacha!
Skin Chickadee Rinnie Nutmeg MB C New!
Lip The Sugar Garden Tinte' Ombre 2 T (Tan; Tone C&E)
Necklace The Forge Boadicea's Silver Gacha!
Hand Slink AvEnhance Female Elegant 1
Nails Action Wookey V1 Cosmetic Fair Exclusive!
Tattoo Hiatus More Group Gift!
Pose Sitting Pretty Chic New!

lunes, 20 de octubre de 2014

G Field - Spellbound Tag! Gacha - Mudskin - Chickladee - P&W - Agapee.

Hat and Dress G Field Mesh Witch Orange Halloween Gift!
Hair Spellbound Velvet Melty Fatpack Mystery Tag! Gacha Info Gacha!
Eyes Mudskin Twinkle Misc 5 Tales of Fantasy Event!
Eyeliner Chickadee Flick Black Gift!
Skin Chickadee Rinnie Chocolate MB NC New!
Pumpkings P&W Deco Halloween Gacha!
Pose Agapee 10 Group Gift!

Fashionably Dead - Beauty is Pain - The Boho Culture Fair - Mudskin - Cosmetic Fair - Chickadee - Aveline - The Nightmare Walkthrough.

Hair Fashionably Dead Little Queen Blonde 8 Gacha!
Head Jewels Beauty is Pain Chyna Doll Diamond The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive!
Eyes Mudskin Gallaxy Brown 1 Cosmetic Fair Exclusive!
Skin Chickadee Aer
Cheongsam Aveline Empress Ash
Wyrm The Nightmare Walkthrough Pet Pumpkin Hunt!

viernes, 17 de octubre de 2014

Exile - Utilizator - Real Evil - Feoh - Pomposity - Bark Bark Meow Meow - b! - Torchi's.

Hair Exile Letters and Lipstick
Avatar Utilizator Body Kemono
Body mod Puppy Puppy Kemono Fox (Sand)
Shape Body mod Shirt Animalia Curvy Kemono
Collar Real Evil Chained Heart RLV
Spikes Feoh Marketplace Muzzle
Band Pomposity Worded Heart Thigh (princess)
Nose Chain Marketplace Kemono
Boobies Bark Bark Meow Meow Kemono
Binky Marketplace key yo my heart (pink)
Shirt Torchi's Marketplace Oversized for kemono
T-Shirt Modder Torchi's Oversized
Stockings utat Kemono Marketplace Lace
Bracelets Pomposity Chain
♥ Ice Harcourt Resident ♥

jueves, 16 de octubre de 2014

Tamaless - Mudskin - Kustom9 - Formis - Buc - The Gacha Mania - oOo.

Hair Tameless Beatrix New!
Skin Mudskin Enfant Molly's Halloween 4 W2 Kustom9 Gacha!
Outfit Formis Nancy Freebie! (Limited Time)
Chainsaw Buc Melee Madness The Gacha Mania Rare!
Pose oOo Group Gift!

Land: Haunted House

DRD - Vivi - Coco - Chickladee - Bliensen - Pumpkin Town - Mudskin - Kustom9 - BDR - The Boho Culture Fair - IF - Gauze - Little Bean.


Antlers & Blood Death Row Designs Tattoo  Faun (Avatar Animal Faun) Lucky Chair!
Hair Vivi Jackie Halloween Pack Gift!
Ears Coco BJD Doll Elf (Doll Head)
Eyes Chickadee Catlike Stone Gift!
Liner Chickadee Chick Flick Promo!
Mask Bliensen + MaiTai Thekla Spiderweb Glass Transp Pumpkin Town Halloween Special!
Skin Mudskin Molly's 6 C1 Halloween Set *Kustom9 Gacha!
Necklace Bliensen + MaiTai Pumpking Pumpkin Town Halloween Dollarbie!

Vest Beatiful Dirty Rich Tomorrow is unknown Wine The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive!
Tattoo I<3F Bloody Arms (Appliers for Slink Hands Included) Halloween Gift!
Hooves Gauze Sleepy Hollow Demon
Pose Little Bean Soft girl poses 1-5 Gift!

martes, 14 de octubre de 2014

LoQ'ue - Mudskin - Cosmetic Fair - Bliensen + MaiTai - The Boho Culture Fair - Emporium - BDR - Gypsy Chic - Chary - Essenz - Juxtapose - Soonsiki - Amerie - Not So Bad - Flite.

Hair Soonsiki Ganj Blacks
Jacket Amerie Knit Pat Red
Pants Not So Bad Edwin Mesh Grey
Boots Flite Rebel Black

(Dodo Rage Blog)
Hair LoQ'ue Rosolio Fat Pack Subscriber Gift!
Skin Mudskin Verónica 3 Pinky Tan with Shape Mod New!
Eyes Mudskin Gallaxy Brown 4 for Cosmetic Fair!
Jevellry Bliensen + MaiTai Windchimes 2.0 The Boho Culture Fair Gacha! Oct 10 till Oct 25
Top Emporium Boho The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive! Oct 10 till Oct 25
Vest Beautiful Dirty Rich Long Road Fringe The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive! Oct 10 till Oct 25
Skirt Gypsy Chic Flower High Mesh Beige The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive! Oct 10 till Oct 25
Tattoo Chary Leg Stripes (ankle) Gift!
Shoes Essenz Turin for Slink High The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive! Oct 10 till Oct 25
Pose Juxtapose Dreams Into Plans The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive! Oct 10 till Oct 25

sábado, 11 de octubre de 2014

D-Lab - Ayashi - The Boho Culture Fair - Ghee - LoveMe - Milk Motion - Collabor88 - Fashionably Dead - The Creatures - Pure Poison - Slink.

Halloween D-Lab Kids Wear Group Gift!
Hair Ayashi Alma Rigged Mesh The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive! (Oct 10th - Oct 25th)
Shades Ghee Boho Hip The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive! (Oct 10th - Oct 25th)
Skin LoveMe Hanna Darkbrow Lipstick01 Sunkiss The Boho Culture Fair Exclusive! (Oct 10th - Oct 25th)
Sweater Milk Motion Loose Knit Pink Collabor88 Exclusive! Oct 14
Cat Fashionably Dead 14 Held Happy Gacha!
Pants The Creatures Karay
Boots Pure Poison Ilya Mauve for Slink High Feet Gacha!
Grunge Shack Epia Rare!